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Laying out your projects and ideas, even when signed/sealed/delivered for final packaging is always a good thing. It helps you to retrace the steps of where your mind grabbed hold of something for a short while and then experienced that sweet sweet blissful closure zen before moving on to something new. Something sparkled, speckled, pickled, and vibrantly true.

When I first wrote “The Dioramist,” I was in the mood to write something that chronicled live, unfurling thoughts of a fictitious character (and also unintentionally some worldly observations that I’d been taking in at the time).

✍ “Regection” was a piece I wrote for a chapbook press about the unfortunate frequency of writers getting their publications rejected, and since the main character happened to be named Reginald, I thought I’d have some grand old fun with a smooshed together play-on-words. The irony came full circle when I submitted this little story to a different press for a chapbook contest, before submitting to that other small press, and it ended up in fact being rejected. “And so it goes.”

✍ “Strange Cars in the Night” I’ll talk about some more when I get around to polishing up the manuscript for the pseudo-sequel “Strange Vagabonds Taking Flight.”

The thought train behind “Lines at the Amusement Rides” came to me when I was eating an overflowing bowl of unshelled pistachios while watching Season 2 of Mad Men…just kidding 😄. ✍
My upcoming collection called “Q & S” I’m really excited about. My fiancee and I were sitting down at the local AMC theater to watch 1917 awhile back and right before the theatrical trailers came to life on screen, this new blurb collection concept reared its quirky head from out of the grained floorboard woodwork. It’s coming soon in both paperback and Kindle formats and has a bonus short story at the end. Happy Sunday all! Stay safe and enjoy the comfort of your cozy indoors!

(Photo taken by me.)

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