(Monday, Monday) #writing #inspiration #comingsoon #literature

Caffeine is a double-blended compound, with jittering molecules and frantic isotopes. To a writer, for many at least, caffeine is more precious than gold (to this fella for sure ☕️).


I tried to get a quick jump on the morning by going to sleep earlier last night, but instead found myself rewatching early episodes of The Office just after midnight. What a great late night, much less any other time kind of show. I don’t enjoy the later seasons nearly as much (except for S8, so underrated 👏🏻) but the first 5 are comedic gold. Really missing the mockumentary style comedy romps these days, but we’re right smack dab in the middle of an overanalyzed era and unfortunately shows like that can no longer survive 😢.


Coming soon to Amazon! Catch up with the other books in my collection here.

I’m finishing up a new blurb collection called “Q & S” which will be releasing on Amazon very soon, with a bonus short story at the end and some additional culturally relevant content that I just added this past weekend. Super excited for the release, I hope you all enjoy it!


Let’s fight back those downtrodden Monday blues with some bubbling coffee and inspiration, fellow creators. And thanks as always for taking the time to listen!

(Photos taken by me.)

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