(Sunday Shelfie) #books #selfie #indieauthors #poetry

Hey all! 👋🏻

How’s everyone’s weekend going so far?

Another rainy, dreary, pollen-filled day here.

But it’s all good.

Right as right-ee-o.

Finally got my workspace and new writing digs organized, since my fiancée and I will continue to work from home (like many of us) for the upcoming weeks.

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe!

Thank you very much for all of your continued author and reader support, lately now more than ever.

I’ve been getting some wonderfully positive feedback about my latest poetry collection, as well as some of the others on my writing shelf.

It’s not a selfless act, the writing, but at times it certainly does feel like it.

I do write for me, to unleash the creative swelling that bubbles and boils and surges from within, but I also do it for the readers.

It brings such a smile to my face knowing that someone else is able to relate, interpret, enjoy the inter-workings of my mind.

Moreover, these types of author connections have led to the discovery of many brilliant works that I’ve stumbled onto of others as well.

So, again, thank you so so so much.

I’ve grown to strongly dislike (and be disappointed by) where social media has headed over the last few years, but WordPress is different.

It’s more expressive, open, connected, and inspiring.

And I love it plenty.

If you’re stuck inside and need an isolationist escape, check out some of my works and sink into the couch for a nice, relaxing afternoon.

Happy Sunday everyone! ✍️ 🎨 📖

(Photo taken by me.)

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