(Pond Cardio) #nature #poetry #poem #writing

We skipped across

Each lily pad like brazen youngsters

It pays to be miniature in stride

(Photo taken by me.)

© Eric Keegan

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4 thoughts on “(Pond Cardio) #nature #poetry #poem #writing

  1. Hi Eric

    Great photo – where is the pond/pool? The poem adds a thoughtful dimension.
    I ought to check out my holiday snaps to add to my “place” poems.

    I have purchased a copy of the Poets’ Symphony in which my poems appear -under my actual name – ie Steve (SJ)Reizlein. I should be getting a free digital copy from the publisher.

    Keep well!!


    1. Hey Steve! This picture was taken at a local arts and sculptures ground near where I live. One of the most beautiful and inspiring places we traverse during our adventures, we love going there. Congratulations! I actually bought a copy of Poets’ Symphony the other day, not realizing it wasn’t fully released yet. Can’t wait to read it!

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