(Trying New Things, Some Old) #nature #cooking #inspiration #blogging


Hey everyone!

It’s an absolutely beautiful early Sunday afternoon here in the US Northeast.

We’ve reached a nice stretch of milder weather that should last a few days (about time :)) and the sun has been prying many of the people in my condo complex (us included) from the confines of our isolationist booths and pushing us out into the brilliance of Mother Nature.

Seeing the flippant change from downtrodden rain yesterday to vibrant landscape overtones today reminded me of one of my all-time favorite reads, Tao Te Ching.

It’s spiritual, filled to the brim with wisdomous zen, and reminds the reader why something as simple as a green leaf or trickling backwater creek can be our ultimate saviors.


This is also the 2nd day in a row that I’ve cooked breakfast.

A little background info about me personally, I never learned how to cook over my 30-something years.

I’ve always relied on the cooking of others or eating out to satisfy the daily rumbles in my grumbling tummy.

My fiancee is an AMAZING cook.

And I’m not even saying that because I love her endlessly, but because every person I’ve ever seen eat her food always has the same response, “are you sure you went into the right career?”

Since we met, I have been saying that I would like for us to invest in a food truck, and while that kind of endeavor would cost money and elbow-grease-filled time, I know that she would be tremendous at it and I would end up loving it too.

But after making breakfast again this morning, I came to realize that this is something I’ve been avoiding for ages.

Learning how to cook.

Being cooped up has its constraints, but this was really really nice.

It allowed her to relax with her morning coffee on the couch while I whipped us up something to eat.

What a great feeling it is to finally be able to return that favor!

Hope everyone is having a great day, thinking positive thoughts, and trying out something new or different that surprises oneself in incalculable ways.

© Eric Keegan

If you’re in need of some new reads, check out my collection on Amazon. Thanks as always for the support, fellow writers, readers, and dreamers!

4 thoughts on “(Trying New Things, Some Old) #nature #cooking #inspiration #blogging

  1. hey eric. how nice you were able to make her breakfast, what was on the menu? Nosey me wants to know P I am glad your sunday was so nice. We had lots of rain here in ireland but its sunny this morning yay 😀

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    1. Good morning Carol! My fiancee makes this delicious breakfast quesadilla-style dish that is made from low carb wraps, two types of cheeses, and bacon. Really fun to make! That’s great to hear, our rain returned again this morning. Call it a seasonal hazard 🙂 hope you’re staying safe in Ireland! I bet at the very least there’s plenty of nice scenery to look at.

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      1. I wouldn’t know LOL because I am blind but people say it’s pretty well I prefer living somewhere else I think if I had an option to do so I would live in the US.

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      2. I’ve always wondered if Ireland is as peaceful sounding in a rainstorm as they say, I bet you could offer up some 1st hand knowledge on that aspect 🙂 tough times here at the moment with the world situation, as is with most places, but I do love living near the Atlantic ocean on the eastern seaboard.


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