(Her N’ I) #writing #nature #love #photography


We were kids once.

Not together, but from separate worlds and homestead communities.

I’ll never forget the day we met.

I sneezed in class and unintentionally shot a booger into another student’s hair.

She laughed raucously and we never stopped after that.

It’s been years since that introduction and now we reside in a little dewdrop of a hideaway cabin, just uphill from the gorging river.

It was her idea to pick such a location, and with me being such a nature enthusiast I didn’t object.

We don’t yet have a family, but we keep plenty busy with our idyllic lifestyle and humbly mischievous golden retriever named Rover Cleveland.

(Photo taken by me.)

© Eric Keegan

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13 thoughts on “(Her N’ I) #writing #nature #love #photography

  1. Hi Eric

    That’s a sweet (hi)story – and the photo of the cabin makes me want to have a summer house in the back garden.
    My wife and I have been together since grammar school days – about 53 years.

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  2. Hi Steve!

    It’s actually a quick fiction prompt, but my fiancee and I are huge fans of the outdoors. Wouldn’t having a place like that be amazing?? Wow, congratulations! That’s incredible! True romantic sweethearts.

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  3. Hi Eric
    I poem I have written today. I must find out the photos.

    Palm Springs Marilyn
    (California, 2013)

    across the arid land and into
    ice-mist sprayed Palm Springs,
    mountains frame the place,
    a golfer’s slow-baked resort
    and find her today, giant Marilyn,
    for there she stands
    with her billowy attire, a blown-up
    freeze-frame, buff legs, that sexy
    stance, the white high heels and knickers
    display that her rounded backside,
    step inside, between her slim legs,
    and for a while, you can be smoking Joe,
    chalky Arthur and, boss-eyed Jack,
    take a while to caress her curvy calves,
    then stand looking up at her ivory crotch
    in time-honoured tourist fashion you
    take some snaps, she doesn’t move, but
    do it before she is shipped off to show it all
    again in a northern lake-city whose mighty
    gusts can blow a dress up right over
    your goddam head


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      1. Eric,
        Is there a Palm Springs FL? This one was a huge thing in California – Attack of the 50-foot woman big, even biglier than anything Trump has seen or shagged – it was doing a tour of the US – Chicago was is next destination.


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      2. I believe so! I could be wrong though, it sounds familiar in the Florida area. Hahaha that’s quite the image! Have fun in Chicago, I’ve always wanted to go there.


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