(Nurture With Nature) #love #nature #photography #travel

the way she smiles


it’s hard to know

what brightens her miles,

so I work with

what God gave us

(Photo taken by me.)

© Eric Keegan

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7 thoughts on “(Nurture With Nature) #love #nature #photography #travel

  1. Hi Eric,

    sweet sentiments – lovely picket fencing – very American


    PS would you have a read through a poem I’ve just written for Excess Baggage collection, please.
    I’ll send it if you will make a considered comment. Don’t hold back criticism – really.


  2. 74
    Marble Staircase

    You drift down the marble staircase,
    to meet the light oak reception desk, and
    I can visualize the scene because I worked
    in the same building many years earlier,
    with you,
    but now it is my spouse who sees your face
    as you come towards her, your smile, voice

    you say,
    blurt out a question,
    and now you laugh at your
    own mistake,
    yes, you have forgotten that
    the following Monday is a Bank Holiday,
    it is all to cover your embarrassment,
    recognition of the facing woman,
    your respondent,
    and suddenly feeling foolish,
    words have jumble-tumbled
    your guard is shattered,
    because, of course, you
    already know the answer,
    it is not really the enquiry
    you have truly prepared

    heart, fast–thump, you turn,
    ascend in your flight,
    hair flowing contrail,
    shoe heels quick, a-clatter,
    while at the reception desk my wife asks

    who was that?
    a considered answer from her colleague,
    really, don’t you know who she is?

    it dawns on my wife who you are,
    now expressed, your identity,
    a name to alarm marital concord

    I now wash dishes, my wife dries,
    she tells the tale, I feign disinterest,
    but want to know, to gather up
    treasures, to hoard
    much more news of you

    she really is a natural blonde,
    my wife says carefully,
    with no hint of cruelty or irony,
    and I agree, while my thoughts
    release the pressurised air
    of long subdued
    memories and desire

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  3. Hi Eric

    Glad you like it (there’s more than a good chance it will be improved upon)- I’m beavering away on the 2 collections – it will be a matter of writing about 50-100 poems (75 done for Excess baggage) and 30 for the travel collection – I have a long list of places) for each and then sieving out the unwanted, strengthening the problematic ones and tightening up the certainties leaving 70-80 per collection. Just a matter of living long enough to finish them.

    I am also going through my travel photos to append to poems – they also give me a good basis for a poem. ie reverse engineering to write poetry, I guess. All good, clean fun.

    Keep well!!


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    1. I’m so excited for that travel collection!! Piecing it together slowly is a great way to show the routes traveled and the experience accrued. Such an awesome research technique! I snap a lot of travel photos as well for the same reason.


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