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My fiancee recently began this at home workout program called Beach-body, which is extremely intense and rewarding.

I was watching her do the first 30-minute workout earlier in the week and figured, hey, I’ve been at home not exerting much energy these last few weeks, why not partake in all the fun?

Now on my 3rd day out of the first 30-day module, I am UTTERLY WIPED.

Soreness on every possible level.

If anyone ever asked you to create a real life sweat waterfall, this certainly one way to go about achieving it.

I feel more energetic, my clothes are already loosening up a bit in spots that they need to, and I feel like I’m getting back into the shape I was in 6 months to a year ago.

Perfect timing with the nice weather, you know?

Exercising outdoors is one of my favorite hobbies, but it’s not too feasible at the moment with all of New Jersey’s state parks and forests being closed on account of the lock down.

In any case, I’m glad that my dearest ladybug gave me some welcomed inspiration, because now we are both eating healthy and working out on the same routine.

Fellow exercise fans, what are you doing indoors/outdoors to stay upbeat during the current situation?

(Image from Pixabay.)

© Eric Keegan


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2 thoughts on “(One and Two and One and Two) #workout #exercise #writing #blogging

  1. Hi Eric

    Well done doing all that exercise. At 68 I have to be circumspect – too many old injuries plaguing me nowadays- been doing gardening – cutting down bamboo mainly – will make a small fence with what I’ve cut today -nothing fancy – eventually.

    The weather has been glorious here for the last few days – fab blue sky – warm, sweet breeze too. All change from tomorrow though – it will pick up next week but not so warm.

    Congrats on the new book!


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    1. Hi Steve, good afternoon. Thank you! I don’t often push myself with working out and do more of what’s comfortable, so this is a nice initiative for me. That gardening sounds both relaxing and tiresome at the same time! Great to hear the weather has been favorable for you to spend some time outside. Thank you so much! I received my copy of Poet’s Symphony and can’t wait to start diving in 🙂


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