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We’d been on the water for hours.

Exploring and drifting towards a not-so-distant islet that we sought to be ours for the duration of early and late afternoon into sunset.

The sun took to Darla’s mellowed skin just fine, but left some concerning redness in spots on me that I guess I missed earlier with the lotion.

She could sit out in the heat and the simmering glisten of Summer hazy light and never catch a burn.

Some people are just fortunate in that way.

Darla doesn’t know how to paddle and course-correct a tiny water vessel, so that’s where I guess I make up a bit of ground.

She’s getting quite good at it though.

Can’t wait to lay temporary claim to that sweet, alluring rum-rummer refuge.

Good morning all!

My apologies for some blogging quietness over the last few days.

I was in need of detaching electronically for a short tenure, in order to recharge the proverbial batteries.

Last weekend, my fiancee and I were supposed to be married at the venue we selected by the ocean, but with the ongoing isolation we sought out a later date.

We’re in great spirits, working out and writing, laughing, being together and enjoying the beautiful upswing in Spring weather and I hope all of you are doing the same.

Happy Monday!

(Photo from Pixabay)

© Eric Keegan


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One thought on “(Dreaming of the Dream) #writing #inspiration #writer #blog

  1. Hi Eric and Darla

    Congratulations on almost getting the marriage thing done. Have you fixed a replacement date yet? A lifetime of happiness wished by me to you both.

    Enjoy your free time together!!

    Best wishes



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