Poetic Ripples

My new poetry collection titled ‘A Declaration of Our Rippling Days’ will be releasing from Potter’s Grove Press on February 9th. I’m very excited about this one, mainly because the collection itself will guide each reader on a journey from start to finish (with a unique mechanic driving each section of the book).

So, what’s it all about? Here’s a description from the Amazon book page (preorders now available):

Our days roll onward like an oceanic tide, mirroring the ever-moving human element that defines precisely who we are. During the more trying moments, we feel as if we’re surging out to sea without a floatation device. When grandeur and enlightenment take a prominent position within our worlds, we drift back towards the shore and find relief in the wavering sands. A Declaration of Our Rippling Days is a poetry collection that will guide the reader through these ebbs and flows while taking them on a journey from furrowed emotional lows to breathtakingly inspired summits.

Thanks as always for the support and I hope you like my latest collection! Hopefully you will find it to be inspiring, relatable, and spiritually aqueous in poetic tone.

(Photos taken by me; promotional image from Potter’s Grove Press)

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