On the Daily or Semi

Most writers will willfully admit that writing is not an easy task. It’s not so much that it’s grueling or daunting, but every person has their own set of creative roadblocks. For me, it’s keeping up with a routine. Many writer blogs and how-to websites will tell you that time management and maintaining a daily process is one of the key essentials to good writing. But in my case, many of my ideas come to me at inconvenient times: during the night, while driving, at the office, etc. So, how is a person to maintain a routine with the heavy hustle and bustle of everyday life?

Here are a few quick helpful hints that I’ve learned through trial and error over the last few years:

  1. Start with the sun (or morning clouds, snowy dawn, artistic orange-y orb rise) – not something that requires immediate attention on a daily basis, but I always find that my most inspiringly creative thoughts come to me when my mind is at its most relaxed and refreshed
  2. Write a little (or a-lottle) – don’t measure your creative successes based on word and page counts, measure them with how you feel about the quality of your work and the direction in which your manuscript is heading
  3. Have fun – remember when you first started writing? How carefree and whimsical that feeling was? It’s not something that needs to sink and dwindle away behind the baseboards. Let it be enjoyable, let it be nostalgic, but most importantly, LET IT BE YOU.
  4. Stick with 1 or 2 projects at one time – I find that when I spread myself too thin, I leave an electronic closet’s worth of unfinished manuscripts piled city skyscraper high

Those are just a few quick speedy things I’ve picked up while expanding my indie author library and I hope you’re able to relate/take something away from these helpful bullet points.

Have a wonderful and inspiring day all!

(Images from Pixabay.)

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