What’s Your Favorite Build?

I think most authors have one or two works of their own where they frequent reading the book long after it’s finished, almost as if they were the intended audience. In the case of me, that book is The 64-Bit Build. It’s a collection of flash micro poetry that’s meant to be both fleeting and deeper than a sunken oceanic trench, in a single whirring swoop. I hadn’t intended the manuscript to rock back and forth in such a way, but this array of poems came to me over the past year during various experiences. Being home, the way of life our society has taken to so quickly over the last many months, it’s taught us all to pay more attention to the teensy moments. The ones that generally take your breath away, whether you’re cognizant of it at the time or not. A few of these bits came to me via nostalgic reflection, some wandered into my mind based on a literal moment, and the rest can all be chalked up to my being a thirty something year old boy who loves to write things down electronically. I hope you enjoy it, thanks as always for the support! Available on Amazon in paperback and ebook formats.

(Photo 1 from Wikipedia.)

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